Month: September 2015

Daily Painting 007 – Ice Flowers

I finished the first 7 days of the daily painting challenge! One week in and I already made 12 paintings! You just need to start and do it, that’s what I learned. I love being… Read More

Daily Painting 006 – Spring Garden

Today’s daily painting process was actually filmed, but I still need a few more days to edit the video material. It will be online here in this blog post or maybe I just make a… Read More

Daily Painting 005 – Pink Magnolia

I absolutely love seeing every artists unique way of creating a painting. I’m always so curious to see how my favorite artists produce their work. So I thought it would be really interesting for you… Read More

Daily Painting 004 – Strawberry Wash & Explosion

Today some more studies using acrylic paint and oil pastels. Working with contrasting colors and different brush stroke techniques. I also worked on my new Facebook Page and started uploading my daily paintings to Instagram,… Read More

Daily Painting 003 – Circus & Dawn

They day where I finally use something I bought over 10 years ago and have brought with me while moving to 4 different cities/5 different apartments. The answer is: Oil pastels. Yesterday night I was… Read More

Daily Painting 002 – Shooting Stars & Polka Flowers

Day 2 started with an early morning paint session. I got out of bed and didn’t eat breakfast until I was finished with the two paintings. That is dedication! Yesterday I got to think about… Read More

Daily Painting 001 – Storm & Oasis

The daily painting challenge started today! My goal is to get to at least 100 days. My boyfriend thinks it’s a huge commitment, but I feel like it’s just the right number. 30 would be… Read More

Daily Painting Challenge

A big hello and welcome to my new fine art blog! My name is Franziska and to give you a little bit of background about myself: I’m living in Germany, I studied Integrated Design until… Read More