Daily Painting Challenge

A big hello and welcome to my new fine art blog! My name is Franziska and to give you a little bit of background about myself: I’m living in Germany, I studied Integrated Design until 2013 and since then I’m working as a freelance photographer doing portrait and boudoir photography for women.

I loved art and illustration when I was younger. I was always keeping a sketchbook and I drew a lot of portraits. Somehow with growing up and all those new possibilities and the wrong work/life balance I stopped doing art altogether. Everything felt too much like work and you know, when you are once out of the habit whenever you start again you just feel rusty and weird.

Every time I go to Pinterest and art blogs I see all those amazing abstract paintings, full of color and feelings and every time I think: “I want to do exactly that!”. I’m such an introvert and love getting lost in painting, being creative and by myself, listening to music, an audiobook, great podcasts or just binge watching a Netflix show. This is my dream life! Last month I discovered a book called Daily Painting by Carol Marine. It’s about exactly that, doing one painting a day, it can be as small as you like it to be, but you have to finish one painting a day. And so, you will have a huge body of work after a while, you don’t procrastinate, you just do it! And you share it with the world, to connect to other artists and inspire even more people.


Hell yeah! That’s exactly what I’m going to do – and I can’t wait to start!

Thank you for joining me on this journey & see you tomorrow!