Daily Painting 005 – Pink Magnolia

I absolutely love seeing every artists unique way of creating a painting. I’m always so curious to see how my favorite artists produce their work. So I thought it would be really interesting for you as well to see how I create my paintings!

Every time I paint something I forget to take pictures of the progress, but this time I remembered and I really like to look back on the different stages of a painting. I want to do a lot more of these in the future, even videos of the process. I think you as the viewer will love to get the know my artwork even better this way.


At the moment I love to prime my canvas with a light wash of color. I usually just mix one or two colors with water and then brush them on the way it looks good to me. There are no rules here. After that I let it dry a bit and do even more washes in broader strokes. I love to get more opaque with every layer. I don’t have an easel yet, so I hold the canvas upright to let the color drip the way I want it to and lay it back flat when it dripped ‘the right amount’.


After that I start layering on other colors. I usually try to work with colors who are opposite each other on the color wheel because they produce the biggest contrast & they just pop out of the painting. This time I was going for a more subtle color theme because I was inspired by magnolia blossoms. I layer as many colors as I feel like, until I love the outcome of the painting. Sometimes I go back and paint over a lot of work I already did, but this time I was quite happy without much correction. I only added some more darker washes at the end to the right side of the painting.


Painting soundtrack of the day Only quiet time today!
Thing’s I’ve learned I really love working with a bigger canvas.
New Things I’ve tried Letting the watercolor-like acrylic washes drip down the canvas.
Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 150927 "Pink Magnolia" Acrylics on canvas board 30x40 cm / 11.8x15.7 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 150927 “Pink Magnolia”
Acrylics on canvas board
30×40 cm / 11.8×15.7 inch
available for 220 € + shipping