Book Review – Drewscape Sketchbook

Last week I came upon the blog of Andrew Tan aka Drewscape, an illustrator from Singapore. I have to say, that I instantly fell in love with his sketchbook drawings.

I haven’t talked a lot about my addiction to other artist’s sketchbooks, but I really am such a big sucker for personal work. Often times I think that the sketchbooks of illustrators are much more interesting than their real work. That isn’t meant in a negative way, I just love seeing what they see in their every day life and what they like to do for themselves and not for their clients.


When I saw that he had an artbook, a kind of best-of of his sketchbook called Everywhere I went, my sketchbook was sure to go I was immediately super interested and I was quite surprised when I saw that the price for the little book with shipping to Europe was only around 13€ for me. I had to get it! The contact was super nice and in less than a week my signed copy arrived. Honestly, I couldn’t believe that it arrived so fast when I got my mail yesterday. Super happy 🙂


The book is a collection of his sketchbook drawings, but also has a lot of tips around keeping a sketchbook on your own. I haven’t read all the way through, but I’m just so in love with his drawings. I absolutely love his loose style, the way he works with pen & ink, the urban sketching in between. I can honestly recommend it so so much!


The book is printed black and white only which does not take away from the experience at all because I think all of the drawings inside were black and white drawings in the sketchbooks as well. It also has a very nice binding for being a self published book.

Title Everywhere I went, my sketchbook was sure to go
Author Andrew Tan / Drewscape
Pages 64
Publisher self-published, Singapore, 2014
Where to get In the Drewscape Store


Go check it out if you like artist’s sketchbooks or the work of Drewscape in general – help a fellow artist out! The price is a steal and you get very good value from it (and even a bunch of stickers on top, great customer service!). On a side note, I definitely want to do more art book reviews in the future because I have quite a few, so stay tuned.

Have a lovely day,