Daily Painting – Primary Series

This week I discovered that I love to paint with primary colors. I love how they work well together and balance each other. I mixed neon pigments into my usual colors to make them even brighter and happier.

There are still so many paintings to be uploaded, but I’m okay with being a bit behind at the moment so that I can show you paintings that fit well together thematically or because of their color range. I’m still really enjoying working with the palette knife and I’m leaning more and more towards the color neon pink which you will see in my next few updates. I have to work that color into every artwork at the moment, it’s kind of an addiction.

Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151017 "Primary Love" Acrylics on stretched canvas 40x30 cm / 15.7x11.8 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151017 “Primary Love”
Acrylics on stretched canvas
40×30 cm / 15.7×11.8 inch
available for 245 € + shipping

Painting soundtrack of the day Artists Helping Artists Podcast – A Conversation with Artist Carol Maine
Thing’s I’ve learned I love the contrasts of the primary colors.
New Things I’ve tried Mixing neon colors into my usual pigments to make them brighter without making them overwhelming or out of place looking.
Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151019 "Tear Off" Acrylics on stretched canvas 30x24 cm / 11.8x9.4 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151019 “Tear Off”
Acrylics on stretched canvas
30×24 cm / 11.8×9.4 inch
available for 150 € + shipping

I wish you a lovely week,