Daily Painting 011 – Stained Glass

I experimented with darker colors on a colorful background this time. It’s a theme I love in paintings, when you have lots of vibrant little colored spots peaking through a big dark surface. I need to work more on this technique.

Painting soundtrack of the day Seanwes Podcast – #6amclub – Revolutionize Your Day by Changing Your Routine
Thing’s I’ve learned Layering lots of colors can give an effect of a lot of depth.
New Things I’ve tried Overpainting with a much darker color.
Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151003 "Stained Glass" Acrylics on canvas board 20x20 cm / 7.9x7.9 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151003 “Stained Glass”
Acrylics on canvas board
20×20 cm / 7.9×7.9 inch
available for 75 € + shipping