Daily Painting 013 – Turquoise Clouds

Not so much to tell you today. I still miss my Titanium White and I’m working on more diverse blog post ideas at the moment. A selection of my ideas: art related book reviews, where I find my inspiration, art supply hauls, my favorite materials, travel sketching kit… and a lot more. Is there something you would love to see on my blog? Just leave me a message 🙂

Painting soundtrack of the day The Undisclosed Podcast
Thing’s I’ve learned You can survive without a lot of white paint, just be mindful and spare out your lightest parts in the painting from the beginning.
New Things I’ve tried Painting with a lot less color, mostly opaque washes and not so many color contrasts.
Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151005 "Turquoise Clouds" Acrylics on canvas board 15x15 cm / 5.9x5.9 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151005 “Turquoise Clouds”
Acrylics on canvas board
15×15 cm / 5.9×5.9 inch
available for 40 € + shipping