Daily Painting 016 – Water Lilies At Night

Today while painting I was listening to a nice podcast about using video platforms to market you art & get new people to see you. It was an interview with Amy Tan of the brand Amy Tangerine.

I can definitely recommend it. But I listen to loads of great podcasts and they are always featured in the little box in my blog posts under the category painting soundtrack of the day. I usually link the website to the particular episode I listened to as long as it’s available to stream online.


I ordered a whole lot of art supplies today, I hope they will hurry up with the delivery because after this painting I only have 2 canvases left. I might need to start doing some water colors in the mean time next week. But I’m so looking forward to my new colors. One of them is a fluorescent pink, I can’t wait to use this one, I wanted to paint with it since forever.


My inspiration for today’s painting was a pond with water lilies and a reflective water surface. I tried to abstract it to my liking with a nice color gradient that reminded my of reflected light on the water in a city or during a sunset. It was really hard to photograph this one to show the real colors, I feel like my camera can’t really capture that kind of magenta.

Painting soundtrack of the day Elise Gets Crafty Podcast – Using Video Creatively
Thing’s I’ve learned That magenta & pink glow my Cadmium Red hue gets when painting transparently and under a green.
New Things I’ve tried Magenta & green contrast.
Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151009 "Water Lilies At Night" Acrylics on canvas board 20x30 cm / 7.9x11.8 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151009 “Water Lilies At Night”
Acrylics on canvas board
20×30 cm / 7.9×11.8 inch
available for 110 € + shipping