Daily Painting – Floral Experimentations

I’m a bit late with my weekly blog posts at the moment. There are only few days in between with good enough light to photograph my paintings, but the updates will come sooner or later. How is your November going? 🙂

I still paint daily but since I started to begin working on larger canvases I don’t stress myself to finish a painting every single day. I’m still experimenting a lot, this week consisted of floral paintings. Besides abstracts I love to paint flowers the most, I just need to find a good way to mix it into my style a bit more. It takes a lot of trial and error to do this. The third painting is definitely more of what I wanted to achieve, even if the colors are not what I’d normally stick to.

Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151029 "Cubistic Peony" Acrylics on stretched canvas 50x50 cm / 19.7x19.7 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151029 “Cubistic Peony”
Acrylics on stretched canvas
50×50 cm / 19.7×19.7 inch
available for 480 € + shipping

Inspiration for those paintings came from flower arrangements I found on Instagram and Pinterest, the next image shows the bouquets I used for every painting I did. I don’t try to copy them exactly, they are just there to give myself a general idea of the composition of the artwork.

Flower inspiration by Amy Osaba (left),    Tinge Floral (middle) & Lera Nelipovich (right)

Flowers inspiration by Amy Osaba (left), Tinge Floral (middle) & Lera Nelipovich (right)

Painting inspiration of the week I was super inspired by some amazing floral painters like Erin Fitzhugh Gregory and Lulie Wallace
Thing’s I’ve learned The more I think the less abstract I get. Working from a photograph always makes me think too much.
New Things I’ve tried New color combinations and breaking down a floral motive into bigger color shapes and patterns. Outlining with a smaller brush on top of the abstraction.
Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151030 "Summer Rain" Acrylics on stretched canvas 50x40 cm / 19.7x15.7 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151030 “Summer Rain”
Acrylics on stretched canvas
50×40 cm / 19.7×15.7 inch
available for 400 € + shipping

I’m not going to paint too many floral arrangements in the future or I will at least try to abstract them even more. I’m looking for a way to be more focused on the shapes and colors without using the floral motives too literal. I still do like the outcome though and I think these will look lovely in someone’s home.

Franziska Schwade - Daily Painting 151102 "Wedding Blues" Acrylics on stretched canvas 40x30 cm / 15.7x11.8 inch

Franziska Schwade – Daily Painting 151102 “Wedding Blues”
Acrylics on stretched canvas
40×30 cm / 15.7×11.8 inch
available for 245 € + shipping

And another update: I finally ended up buying an easel! I still love to work on the floor for certain techniques but it feels great to work standing as well. I put a little art corner together in an unused nook of our flat, it’s now my little happy place.


Lots of love!