Art is emotional and sometimes the right piece can only be created in collaboration with YOU, the collector. If you love my art but haven’t found the perfect painting for your space yet: wonder no more – I do take commissions! I’d love to work with you, learn about your daily inspirations and style and combine our aesthetics to make the perfect custom made artwork for you.


Commissions FAQ

What painting sizes do you offer for commissions?
I’m currently open to work on sizes from a minimum of 40×40 cm (~ 16×16 inch) to a maximum of 120×150 cm (~ 47×59 inch). I can help you decide on the best looking size depending on your space.

What are the price differences in comparison to your usual artworks?
It all depends on the size of the painting and how much you want to influence my artistic process. In general there are two options:
+ 20% for a custom color theme
+ 30% for custom shapes & colors or a more specific visual inspiration
You can find a detailed current price list at the end of this page.

What exactly do you mean when you say you want to paint my inspiration?
Think of it like a visual inspirational quote, visual affirmations. There are things in life you aspire to achieve, maybe it’s building your dream career, maybe it’s living more fearless and bold, maybe it’s putting enough work in to take some years off and travel the world.
And then there are the things that remind you of your dreams and to push through your days to achieve what you are dreaming about. You might be inspired by the feeling of nature, wind in your face, walking barefoot on lush green grass, because it reminds you of your dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Maybe it’s the memory of a person you’ve lost that always had great life advice for you. Maybe it’s the feeling of power that gives you confidence to ‘fake it till you make it’. There are so many things that inspire every single one of us. I’d love to express your WHY visually for you, so that every day when you look at your artwork you feel inspired to take action towards what’s most important for you in your life.

What if I want to commission a painting where I want to influence even more than the inspiration & colors?
If you want a very specific commission that would alter my style, I’ll need to have more information first. If I’m able to do it, you’ll get a custom quote. Remember that you’ll book a commission because you fell in love with my artistic style. I won’t do a commission where I feel I have to give up my asthetics completely as I think that would result in a painting that wouldn’t reach its full potential.

How long does it take until the painting is finished?
It depends a bit on how fast we can decide on the right colors and theme, after that the painting will take approximately 3 weeks to finish.

What do I need to provide to make the commission process as good as possible?
First of all I need images of your room and the space you want your artwork to be. If you are currently in the process of redesigning and can’t show the finished room yet I would love to see some kind of moodboard, the furniture that’s supposed to go into the room, the accent colors you’ll use, etc.
If you don’t have either of those you can provide me with images of the colors you’d love to see in the painting, if you have inspirations for the feel of the painting (What are your inspirations in life? What fuels your actions? I’d love to express your WHY in a painting!) you can send them also. Another good thing to know is what paintings from my catalogue you love most.
And lastly, I’d like to talk to you, maybe we could have a Skype meeting so that I can get a glimpse of your awesome personality 🙂

Is shipping, framing or installing of the work already included in the price?
No, these costs are not included in the initial commission price, shipping to your specific location will be paid on top. I don’t do the framing for my clients, but I could assists you making the choice of which frame to pick. Smaller paintings come with a hanging wire attached and could be put on the wall without a wooden frame.

What if I don’t like the finished commission? Can I have my money back?
I’m optimistic that you will love your piece of art, but I can understand that you want some security. In case you don’t like your commission the 50 % deposit you paid in the beginning will become a coupon towards the purchase of any current art from my shop or future work.

The Price List