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Daily Painting 018 – Canary

A short update for today: I’m currently 6 days/blog posts behind on the daily paintings. I mean, in reality I’m already on day 24 today and I thought about speeding up the blog posts until… Read More

Daily Painting 016 – Water Lilies At Night

Today while painting I was listening to a nice podcast about using video platforms to market you art & get new people to see you. It was an interview with Amy Tan of the brand… Read More

Daily Painting 015 – Popcorn

Scraping together the last drops of my Titatinium White. The canvas boards are also nearly gone. I am in desperate need of new supplies! Daily painting can make you poor but it’s also a great… Read More

Daily Painting 014 – Vulcano

Sometimes you have days when you paint something, and then you kind of like it, but the next day you don’t like it and so on and on. This one I painted over 3 times… Read More

Daily Painting 013 – Turquoise Clouds

Not so much to tell you today. I still miss my Titanium White and I’m working on more diverse blog post ideas at the moment. A selection of my ideas: art related book reviews, where… Read More

Daily Painting 012 – Summer Snow

In no less than 2 weeks I completely emptied a large tube of Titanium White. Now all I can do is paint in darker shades for the rest of the week until my art supply… Read More

Daily Painting 011 – Stained Glass

I experimented with darker colors on a colorful background this time. It’s a theme I love in paintings, when you have lots of vibrant little colored spots peaking through a big dark surface. I need… Read More

Daily Painting 010 – Rose Colored Glasses & Pink Zen

I nearly missed today’s painting because we went to the harbor for the half the day and sat in the sun to wait for the arrival of the Sea Sheperd ships here in Bremen. The… Read More

Daily Painting 009 – Sunset Beach

Another painting that is inspired by a color theme I saw on pinterest and not my own imagination. I have to say, that it doesn’t feel as freeing to work from too much inspiration. The… Read More

Daily Painting 008 – Violet Meadow

Another daily painting I’ve filmed. I think I will start posting some screenshots even before the video is ready so that you can see a little bit of the process. Today I tried to work… Read More