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Daily Painting – Muttersprache

Bad news upfront: I totally missed my 30 painting goal for this month! January is not over yet, but I still haven’t really updated my blog every day and I wasn’t so happy to share… Read More

Daily Painting 014 – Vulcano

Sometimes you have days when you paint something, and then you kind of like it, but the next day you don’t like it and so on and on. This one I painted over 3 times… Read More

Daily Painting 012 – Summer Snow

In no less than 2 weeks I completely emptied a large tube of Titanium White. Now all I can do is paint in darker shades for the rest of the week until my art supply… Read More

Daily Painting 004 – Strawberry Wash & Explosion

Today some more studies using acrylic paint and oil pastels. Working with contrasting colors and different brush stroke techniques. I also worked on my new Facebook Page and started uploading my daily paintings to Instagram,… Read More

Daily Painting 003 – Circus & Dawn

They day where I finally use something I bought over 10 years ago and have brought with me while moving to 4 different cities/5 different apartments. The answer is: Oil pastels. Yesterday night I was… Read More