Artist Statement

My work can be described as an kaleidoscope of ideas and impressions. Vibrant colors, contrasts, calligraphic movement and the play between texture and transparency lets the paintings take on a life of their own. Every painting I make is in a way a happy accident, taking inspiration from the unpredictability of life and overcoming it with lots of bravery, inviting spontaneous feelings and mistakes. The beauty of my work lies in the imperfections of a piece and the dynamics of optimism, adventure & childlike wonder.
I draw my inspiration from all aspects of life, learning new things everyday and trying to become the best ‘me’ I possibly can. My main visual inspirations are color combinations, but I also react very emotionally to nature, lighting atmosphere and movement. I’m what some call a ‘Scanner’, I love to do a lot of things and therefore never settle on working the same way for a long period of time, but my love for color and the experimental nature of my work stays the same.


About Me

When I’m not painting I love to learn about everything the world has to offer or listen to great rock music. If I could be a fictional character I would love to be as quippy as Lorelai Gilmore. I’m an avid reader and podcast listener, I like to dive into other people’s lifes, being empathic to others but also love to have the solitude of painting on a long day. I’m introverted in public, but have an extroverted mind that’s full of dreams & most of all possibilities. I’m an optimist who loves to be happy, and that’s what I want my paintings to bring to your home as well. I love encouraging people to follow their own creative path and build a life worth living.

I’ve been doing art my whole life, but I always believed others talking about the ‘starving artist’ myth and so in my teenage years I stopped doing art and started doing ‘something real’. I studied Integrated Design (a mix of graphic & interface design, illustration, film & photography) at the Bauhaus university and built my own photography business from scratch. After a few years I noticed that I started to crave a real artistic expression again. What I learned in those years before was that I loved to have my own business and work on pursuing my dream career. Today I know that it’s possible to have an artistic life AND a good income, and that’s what I’m currently working towards.

I’m living and creating in Bremen, Germany.