About My Work

I’m Frani, a creative explorer with an adventurous spirit and a curious outlook on our ever-changing world. Whether it’s through design, photography, or technology, I’m dedicated to making a positive impact with the work I pursue.

The process of transforming ideas and bringing concepts into existence has always fascinated me. I’ve studied Integrated Design, an interdisciplinary course of study that encompassed many different design fields as well as film, photography & illustration.
This background gave me a strong foundation in design thinking, detail oriented creative work and storytelling with a focus on high visual and emotional impact.

After years of working in design related fields I’m now venturing into data analytics, trying to bring my own distinct creative lens into it.
Integrity and exploration are my guiding principles. I’m approaching every project with a genuine commitment to produce work that is meaningful, truthful and resonates with its audience.

I wholeheartedly embrace my own multidimensional and multi-passionate nature. It’s this diverse range of experiences that consistently shapes both my professional endeavors and personal projects. I’m always driven to further broaden my skills and harness creativity for a positive change, especially in our current world that is evolving so quickly, that it can be hard to keep up.


About Me

Outside of work, I’m a lifelong learner as well, always exploring what else is out there. I’m an avid reader, podcast lover, and media enthusiast. I love to immerse myself in others’ stories.

For a few years now I’ve been connecting with people through improv, which brings me a lot of joy and helps me to develop my more outgoing and fearless side. If I could be a fictional character I would love to be as witty in conversations as Lorelai Gilmore.

I enjoy going to concerts and listening to a wide range of music, from 90s alternative rock to K-pop. To unwind, I love the solitude of painting or to spend my time in nature like I often did in my childhood and teenage years.

I’m currently living and creating in Bremen, Germany.